The Sustainability Studio

Sustainability through Accountability and Resillience
Building and developing Accountability, Sustainability and Resilience in Individuals, Organisations and Communities
A Responsible, Accountable and Resilient South Africa
Make Your Future Happen

Don't let it Happen to  You

What We Do
Why We Do It
We assist and individuals, communities and organisations to identify and develop accountability and resilience skills and processes to ensure sustained development and positive change
Individuals, Organisations and Communities develop resilience by learning better  coping skills and strategies for managing pressure and dysfunction, and better ways of thinking and reacting to life’s challenges. To be resilient we need to  tap into personal strengths of our family, friends, neighbors, communities, resources  and Organisations

Community Resilience
Individual  Resilience
Organisational Resilience
The resilience of communities is dependent on social interaction and collective action based on networks of relationships, reciprocity, trust, and social norms.

For individuals/groups we focus on the ability to make realistic plan and carry them out, developing strengths and abilities, Skills development such as problem solving and communication. We also assist individuals and groups to manage the strong feelings/impulses that trauma or dysfunction can raise.

Our approach to Organisational Resilience is that the viability and sustainability of organisations continues to be tested in a environment that is continuously changing . To maintain  and increase their advantage and sustainability organisations need to change and adapt. We believe that accountability equals sustainability