The Sustainability Studio

Sustainability through Accountability and Resillience
Community and Individual Resilience
Resilience has been successfully used with women expierencing family and community violence. In our treatment programs women are encouraged to understand the triggers of violent episodes and to reflect on why they stay in the relationship.  We also focus on developing a life plan for the women - we utilise both individual (4 sessions) and group sessions(8 sessions)

We also incorporate present developments of engaging men in violence prevention, and utilise both individual and group work to intervene with men and their partners. Regarding interventions with men we also include a life plan and declaration for men.  Interventions include 8 group sessions and 4 individual sessions
Substance Abuse
Our substance abuse intervention consists of 2 individual sessions and a six week group sesion, We focus on building resilience in the target groups by building knowledge and skills with regards to effects of substance abuse on your life and relationships, developing an alternative life style and a life plan.
Community Resilience
Present planning on building community resilience includes events focussing on Youth day, women's day and 16 days of activism.  Educational campaigns in the community will focus on father/son ; mother/daughter campaigns and child sexual abuse.
Be the Change you want to see in the world" .... and if you can't be that change, then either get out of the way of the person who wants to be the change or support the individual with your financial resources. Mahatma Gandi