The Sustainability Studio

Sustainability through Accountability and Resillience
Organisational Sustainability
Capacity Building
Organisational Development
Accredited Training Programs in
  • Financial Governance
  • Resource Mobilisation and Fundraising
  • Results based Strategic Planning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Human Resource Management
  • Perpetrator of Domestic Violence
  • Development of M & E Tools for Youth services and gender violence

Development and Management of Systems and Tools in:
  • Governance:  Policy  and system development including Financial ; HR Systems and   Processes; Project Planning and Design, Organisational Audits, Risk Management; Fundraising, Monitoring and Evaluation, Strategic development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Electronic and automated  customer specific Statistical System; Quality Control; Dashboard   Development/Implementation; Customer Satisfaction;  Program Impact Evaluation;  Performance Benchmarking; Information Management

Results based Strategic Development
  • Due Diligence :An investigation or audit for either internal or external purpose (potential investment on behalf of an potential funder.)
  • Strategic Intervention: Assists organisation to design and Implement a Results Based Strategic Framework and process to guide the design, implementation and monitoring of relevant, sustainable and impactful Social and Community Based Services
  • Mentoring

Activities include a Historical review, projections for future, strategic and operational planning, and includes focus on all aspects of organisational functioning - Human resources, Financial, fundraising, risk managment and services.
A successful organisation is structured of various units of people and functions, systematically structured and managed to meet the need or to purse  collective goals – much like the pieces of a puzzle. When an organizations has not been able to fit the pieces together as an complete, logical unit  or  does not have all the piece of the puzzle, the organisation is most probably having difficulty to deliver on its purpose. Our expertise is  assisting organizations to evaluate and identify the missing or out-of place pieces or their organisation and positioning the pieces into a optimally functioning unit.